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Why Buyers Should Consider Backup Offers

Real estate backup offer

Most buyers overlook or dismiss the idea of real estate backup offers when shopping for their next Vancouver home, mainly because backups are widely misunderstood. While there are pros and cons to backup offers, they provide good opportunities for buyers in situations where there is more than one party interested in the same property. In […]

Ever Wonder if You Can Afford Waterfront in Vancouver or Vancouver Island?

vancouver sails waterfront 300

When investing in real estate, the basics are still true – location, location, location. You can change the look and feel of a real estate investment property, but you can’t change the location…and waterfront is the best location of all. Another thing we’ve learned through our years of experience in real estate is that it’s […]

Tips for Home Buyers – How to Survive and Thrive in Multiple Offers

couple looking at house 1st time buyers

To say that the Vancouver real estate market is having a busy spring is an understatement. Multiple offers have become commonplace, but don’t be discouraged because you have as good a chance as anyone at finding and buying your desired property. Our boutique team of Vancouver realtors has an impressive track record with winning in […]

Top 7 Tips for Home Buyers in a Sellers’ Market

happy clients Kaline & Colin 320x180

Trying to buy a property in Vancouver’s sellers’ market can be frustrating, but you can be successful with these 7 realtor tips: 1) Stay hopeful – We know what it’s like to be caught in a seller’s market in Vancouver where it seems like everything is selling too quickly at higher and higher prices. I […]

Tips for Home Buyers – Know Your Personal Credit Score

credit score 320x180

As the Vancouver housing market gets hotter, qualifying for mortgages is actually getting tighter. When planning to buy a house, condo, or townhouse on the west side or east side of Vancouver, you should first find out your personal credit score since it will affect both your mortgage interest rate and your ability to get […]

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