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Moving to the city and curious, is Vancouver safe? Wonder no more!

Moving to the city and curious, is Vancouver safe? Wonder no more! Before moving to any city and starting a new life, there are many things potential home buyers want to know. While the school system, economic prosperity, climate, location, and affordability all come into play, safety always seems to be the top priority. If you are considering moving to Vancouver you are probably asking yourself, is Vancouver safe? Given recent trends and new technology, Your HomeTeam can officially and confidently offer a resounding Yes! In fact, Vancouver is one of the world’s safest cities given its size! Continue reading to learn more about the Vancouver crime rate, the safest neighborhoods, and how to access an up-to-date Vancouver crime map.   A Low Vancouver Crime Rate Contributing to one of the World’s Most Livable Cities Each year Economist magazine’s Economic Intelligence Unit, or EIU, takes into account all aspects of life to piece together a list of the world’s most livable cities. In 2015, Vancouver placed the highest of all Canadian cities and took third from a list of 140 global urban areas. To calculate this ranking, EIU takes 30 factors into account including safety and crime rate. Five years ago, Vancouver held the honor of world’s most livable city – demonstrating that the low Vancouver crime rate and high livability are not a new phenomenon! Visit this link for more information on the 2015 EIU report.   Is Vancouver Safe? A Look at the City’s Neighborhoods In short, by global standards Vancouver does not have an unsafe neighborhood.   In 2013 Vancouver only had six homicides, and crime has been decreasing since. Property theft is arguably the most common type of crime and, even so, that is a relative rarity in this Canadian gem. When looking at neighborhoods to potentially settle down in in Vancouver, consider the city’s west side. Many of the neighborhoods and regions in this part of town are safe, beautiful, and offer many great opportunities for local residents. Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside holds a reputation as the city’s “bad” neighborhood, but even that is relative. Nestled between Gastown and Chinatown, the DTES is not really unsafe. It simply looks worse than it is.   A Vancouver Crime Map for all of your Lingering Questions While Vancouver has been deemed one of the world’s most livable cities that is no reason to let your guard down. As such, the Vancouver Police Department has created GeoDash – a 24-hour Vancouver crime map tool for public use. This tool allows all curious parties to see recent crimes in their neighborhood and follow any developing trends. Visit GeoDash  to explore your dream neighborhood before purchasing a home with Your HomeTeam!   Here at Your HomeTeam, we understand the anxiety and attention to detail that goes into buying a new home. From analyzing location and job opportunities to examining the school systems and weather, each new home-buyer has a lot to consider before making their down payment. Of all things to consider, however, safety should be a top priority. Luckily for you, Vancouver is one of the safest cities on the planet! Speak with one of our experts at Your HomeTeam today to learn more about your dream neighborhood and our beautiful city!  

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