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Peat Bog Areas in Vancouver


Peat Bog areas tend to have unstable ground that may create structural or foundation problems for homes and other buildings. Buyers please beware of the following Peat Bog areas in Vancouver:
1) King Edward St from from 16th Ave down to Edington Dr between Granville & Arbutus St

2) From 16th Ave to 22nd Ave, bound by Oak and Ash St

3) Prince Edward and Inverness, from 16th Ave to Kingsway and follows Kingsway down until 24th Ave

4) Area around Trout Lake is the location of this peat soil

5) Vast majority of this one goes from 37th Ave to 47th Ave between Windsor and Beatrice St

6) This larger Peat area is located between 43rd and 49th Ave and stretches from Nanaimo all the way until Rupert St

7) The peat bog in this location is centered on Adanac St and is bound by E. Pender and Napier and stretches from Garden Ave to Slocan St

8) This bog is the largest one in Vancouver which goes from Windsor all the way past Boundary and is bound by East Pender and Lougheed highway

9) This is a small one that is located on Kerrisdale Park

10) Another small peat area at 44th and Laurel

11) This small peat area goes from 60th and Maple to 34th and Angus


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