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Best Paying Jobs In Vancouver BC

Are you contemplating moving to beautiful Vancouver, BC? Then you should be aware of what the best paying jobs are in this bustling tech-hub city!

To discover what the highest paying trades in Vancouver are, you first have to start by taking a deep dive into British Columbia’s economy itself.

Vancouver leads Canada in new job creation and for the first time since they started releasing unemployment figures (back in 1976) British Columbia has the lowest unemployment rate of any Province in Canada, hovering at 6%.

What seems to be driving these numbers is high demand for new real estate (especially from international investors) and an ongoing boom in tourism.  The real estate market is so hot right now that even the high-end properties that often sit around on listings for months are being snapped up quickly by motivated investors.

High foreign demand, population growth, low mortgage rates, and a limited supply of available real-estate are all contributing to escalating prices throughout the real estate and construction sectors. So, as you might predict from this data, construction is one of the employment sectors driving the highest average salary in Vancouver.

What Are Some Other High Paying Jobs in Vancouver BC

Many of the high paying jobs in Vancouver are obviously driven by the boom in the Construction sector. Electricians, Engineers, and Architects all figure prominently in the lists of best-paying jobs in Vancouver BC. As long as investors continue to want to invest in area real estate this trend should continue to drive salaries throughout the entire Construction sector.

There is also a decent market for people in the elevator design and repair industry, which is somewhat related to the construction sector as well.

The tourist industry is also booming, so jobs in hospitality like in restaurants, art galleries, or museums are paying quite well. Restaurants are struggling to fill their workforce in the face of this increased demand with some reports suggesting that even dish-washing jobs are paying a relatively decent wage (pushed by the high demand and restrictive hiring legislation with regards to immigration).

Managers at every level and in most sectors are receiving high salaries from Government managers in health, social services, and in economic management doing well. Outside of the Governmental Sector, Human Resource managers and Senior managers in general, are receiving relatively high levels of pay.

Jobs in education for school principals and school administrators are performing well. The science sector is driving high paychecks with physicists, astronomers, and especially information services and database managers doing very well.

This is, in many ways an unprecedented boom in employment and average wages in Vancouver BC. By looking into the sectors where demand is high you should be able to understand where the best-paying jobs in Vancouver BC will become increasingly available.



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