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AddValue Analysis™

With our free, exclusive AddValue Analysis service, our team along with our professional home stylist assesses properties inside and out and recommends improvements and changes that can be made to increase their value. This free service helps owners to maximize the value and improve the saleability of their homes or investment properties.


  1. Your property will be more competitive with comparable properties on the market.
  2. Your property will be more appealing to the largest number of potential buyers.
  3. Most buyers believe the costs of upgrades will be higher than they usually actually are.
  4. Improvements take cash from the funds that buyers have available for down payments and other uses.
  5. If buyers do not have to factor improvements into their buying costs, they are most often willing to pay more for a property.
  6. It is less costly for a buyer to finance the already-made improvements by wrapping the costs of those improvements into their mortgage than to pay for the upgrades after purchasing the home.
  7. Buyers like the freedom from the “hassle” of having to do up-grades themselves, especially if they are inexperienced with home-improvements and prefer move-in ready purchases.
  8. Most people dislike the disruptive nature of renovations while living in a space.
  9. A well-presented home suggests to buyers that consistent care and maintenance has been given to the home which puts them at ease to consider and enjoy the possibilities of the space for themselves.


When selling a house, townhouse or condo, minor improvements and upgrades that are contemporary and imaginatively presented make a home appealing to the largest number of potential buyers. In our experience it increases the property value and helps it sell faster too!

With this in mind, we’ve developed our AddValue Analysis service and offer it to you for free when you sell with us. Exclusive to us, our AddValue Analysis, which includes a market evaluation, is designed to make your home worth more.

Here’s how it works

Prior to putting your property on the market our team along with our home stylist and, where appropriate, our network of trade professionals will assess your home inside and out to recommend changes, often minor, to get you the highest price. We also consider everything that may detract from your property’s appeal to potential buyers since this can make a big difference in the price that a buyer is willing to pay.

As part of our service, we also help you prepare and present your home for showings! We have helped many happy clients add value to their homes throughout Vancouver for over 13 years.

If selling is on your mind, we would be happy to meet to discuss your house, townhouse or condo and share recommendations for attaining the best price, prior to selling with us.

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