Duplexes and Townhouses in Kitsilano

While the price of some of the larger homes in Kitsilano may seem shockingly high, don’t be disheartened from exploring the possibilities, should you wish to own and to live here! We at YourHomeTeam can help you. There are a variety of other more affordable options to living in this neighborhood than especially, the multi-million dollar waterfront homes. Because Kits is home to such a varied population, there is an equally varied selection of housing options. Many have found townhouses in Kitsilano to be a great option, and even more folks have made a nice life for themselves in duplexes and increasingly, apartments.

Average duplexes and townhouses in Kitsilano go for around $1 million dollars and, given the lifestyle of the neighborhood, these can be a great option for many homebuyers. A progressive local attitude and strength of community makes living in townhouses in Kitsilano a very comfortable option for many locals.

Homebuyers will sometimes overlook townhomes or duplexes as an option because of the assumption that they lack the size or personality they prefer. That is not the case in Kitsilano as many of the homes and townhouses in Kitsilano were constructed pre-1980s. The older properties often have loads of character, and the concerted effort to preserve, revamp and revitalize such properties means that many of these older homes are spacious and have a modern feel. These “best-of-both-worlds” scenarios can often provide the best opportunities to get your foot in the door, raise a family, or simply to live and enjoy one of Vancouver’s favorite neighborhoods.

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