Houses in Kitsilano

As the beauty and allure of Vancouver continues to grow, more and more people flock to the city in hopes of starting a new life in one of North America’s finest urban centers. The international flare, vibrant downtown life, and ease of access to some of British Columbia’s best wild places have made Vancouver a dream city for many people. While each of the city’s many neighborhoods offers something special to residents, Kitsilano is perhaps one of the most attractive.

As such, the beautiful houses in Kitsilano typically carry a big price tag. For those that can afford it, high end houses in Kitsilano on or near the water can sell for as much as $20 million whereas smaller more inland homes will go for upwards of $2.5 million. More affordable options can be found tucked on the quiet and more centralized streets, and many of these older homes have been revamped while still maintaining their quintessential Kitsilano character. The effort by the City, put toward the preservation of the historic architecture of many homes has contributed to creating a strong sense of community pride in an already inspiring neighborhood.

As you begin shopping for houses in Kitsilano, you will discover a wide age demographic that call this neighborhood home. From its many single people, working professionals and retirees to younger couples, Kits’ locals seem to cover every age bracket. This demographic range serves to add to the vibrancy and energy of one of Vancouver’s most sought after neighborhoods.

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